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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Oh, boy, what an evening! This is the first time I've dedicated an hour just to various stretching methods, from the top down. It certainly does make you feel limber and flexible!

Growing up, I never was very bendable, absolutely nothing like Gumby or Pokey. I had a massage at some point in my life where the masseuse straight up told me that my problem was totally in my back and stretching that out would work wonders. Every time I tried, though, I kept getting frustrated at my progress and quit before I saw real results.
Last year, I went to Teen Institute Camp and met an interpreter who stretched every morning and before bedtime. His goal? He wanted to do a split by next summer - ow! However, his attitude inspired me to get on with my own stretching and soon enough, I was able to put my head on my knees! Yay!
So, now, I'm watching "So You Think You Can Dance" in preparation for the tour of Season 5 that I'll be seeing next month. It's pretty silly - lots of drama, tension, and suspense, picking who will be in the upcoming season 6. I want to see more dancing!
I first really got into dancing when I was in college. One friend of mine started asking me to join her at swing dancing - and I really got into it! I would go just about every other Saturday, picking up new moves such as the Charleston, the Lindy Hop, and the slide. I guess I've picked up a few more dances since then, but most of 'em I've forgotten.... I think I need to take up dancing classes again, just for the heck of it.
Off to do some more P90X.....

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