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Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 60 through 66

Status at the beginning of Day 60:

2 months in! Wow! One more month to go! I'm at +10 extra days of exercise needed, though, so I either gotta catch up or have to extend my working out to reach my 90 days goal!

Day 60 - 6/27/11, Monday: I did 30 mins of chest and arms and half of abs - next time I gotta go the full hour and 15 mins!

Day 61 - 6/28/11, Tuesday: I did 30 mins of cardio - ran out of time, had to go run to dinner!

Day 62 - 6/29/11, Wednesday: No volleyball today, but SCUBA dive training! Yay! 3 hours of water training, oy!

Day 63 - 6/30/11, Thursday: I originally planned to do back and biceps and abs, then signed up for a gymnastics class instead. Fun! Definitely works my body out! Learned to do handstands and cartwheels - I have no idea what I'm getting set up for, but it's different than just doing P90X for a bunch of reps and then calling it a day.

Day 64 - 7/1/11, Friday: Took and aerial conditioning class with Kelly - basically, hanging from ropes and bars and silks - tough! Holy cow, it does a number on your forearms and wrists! I learned that "circus hurts" especially when you've got to contort into a particular shape for a move! Kelly did great though, I wonder if she could have a future as an acrobat....

Day 65 - 7/2/11, Saturday: The most grueling workout to date - running the gauntlet! Hybrid 180 in Riverside, MO set up an outdoor obstacle course consisting of 20 wooden obstacles that you have to hurdle over, climb over, run through, dive under, crawl under, and balance through. The first run I did in just over 7 minutes - but it took a lot out of me! It was nasty hot that morning too - already close to 90 degrees in heavy humidity. Yikes! Once that was done, I ran home to get ready for a wedding - thank goodness that was inside an art gallery, which was way cool too!

Day 66 - 7/3/11, Sunday: I took the day off to rest - was going to get some pool time in, but the weather didn't cooperate. Aw! Ended up having some margaritas and setting off some fireworks with some new friends. Yay!

Status at the end of the week:

66 days in on my 90 day exercise goal.

+11 exercises needed to catch up.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Days 53 through 59

Day 53 - Monday, 6/20 - Got home late from work, but did some light working out and some abs for 30 minutes, and got in 3,395 steps.
Day 54 - Tuesday, 6/21 - Did Cardio X for 45 mins, and got 3,641 steps.
Day 55 - Wednesday, 6/22 - Was supposed to do volleyball, but no games tonight! Aw! Ended up doing abs and a little bit of Chest & Back for 30 minutes. Stopped with a sore elbow, wondering what's up with that lately.... 3,238 steps.
Day 56 - Thursday, 6/23 - No exercise, so I'm behind yet another day. +9 exercises. 3,238 steps (same as yesterday) because I still had my pedometer on today but forgot to enter it in yesterday.
Day 57 - Friday, 6/24 - Took a 60 minute walk around the neighborhood - found some surprising new areas I hadn't walked before! 9,438 steps.
Day 58 - Saturday, 6/25 - What a lame day. I won't count today as an exercise day as I was busy studying and only got some abs in. Did some bowling but man that is SO NOT EXERCISE! ;-) 3,712 steps.
Day 59 - Sunday, 6/26 - Got in some yoga, but was tired and didn't finish it all. 30 mins of yoga! That'll count as exercise, but I never did get that walk in. Ack!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Days 44 through 52

Due to travel, I'm summarizing how I did on my exercising:

Day 44 - Saturday, 6/11/11: Got to yoga in before I boarded a plane to Washington DC! Once my party of 5 got to DC, we had quite a trek to the hotel, then decided to walk to the monument. Oy! For our first travel day, we ended up with 15,064 steps, more than 7 miles! Does that count as 2 exercises? I think so! +6 exercise days to go!

Day 45 - Sunday 6/12/11: Trekked around DC and Virginia, took the train and some busses - got to see the Dulles Air & Space Museum, which is huge! Walked around Chinatown a bit as well. Ended the day with 14,570 steps.

Day 46 - Monday 6/13/11: This was CRAZY day. Three of us woke up early to grab a bus from DC to NYC - walked ALL OVER town, I mean, we were in Little Italy, Bronxville, Central Park, Times Square, and Penn Station. Took the bus back to DC - arrived at 6am then subway'd home. 31, 327 steps once the alarm was set. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Day 47 - Tuesday 6/14/11: Woke up around noon, decided to take it easy today, see the other Air and Space Museum, then walk to the Lincoln Memorial. The Reflecting Pool was undergoing renovations - aw! Then tripped back to Union Station and ate dinner, by the time it was all said and done, 19,892 steps for the day.

Day 48 - Wednesday, 6/15/11: Thought we were gonna take it easy today too. Naw! Hit the Air and Space museum again (yay!) to see a new movie, Rescue 3D, then hit up the Contemporary Art Museum, zipped over to the Botanical Gardens, walked in front of the Capitol, stepped into the National Gallery of Art, then walked into the Holocaust Museum. Then we moved hotels to Crystal City - when that was all over, 23,050 steps had to be recorded.

Day 49 - Thursday, 6/16/2011 - can we take it easy today? Nope! 18,447 steps for the first day of the conference. Yikes!

Day 50 - Friday, 6/17/2011 - Finally! An easy day. Spent most of the day sitting in workshops, so my walking total ended up down around 6,900 or so. However, when I count the number of steps I've taken since Monday.... I have 99,669 steps in just 5 days!

Day 51 - Saturday, 6/18/2011 - The last full day in DC! Total of 10,699 steps for the day!

Day 52 - Sunday, 6/19/2011 - Homeward bound! Was totally trapped on an airplane and was soooo tired once I got home! No exercise, but definitely plan to keep up the walking if I can!

So, after 6 full days of walking (more than 60 miles on the entire trip!), I did have two days where I didn't get much exercising in. So I'm back to +8 extra days! Gotta tackle 'em!

Days 38 through 43

I'm gonna summarize each day and how I did:

Day 38 - Sunday 6/5/11: Yoga, and I also walked 10,689 steps.
Day 39 - Monday 6/6/11: No exercise - got slammed at work, only 5,085 steps. Back to +8 exercises.
Day 40 - Tuesday 6/7/11: Hit the gym, got an hour of muscling up in.
Day 41 - Wednesday, 6/8/11: VOLLEYBALL!!!! Yay! I was expecting to play a doubleheader, but got cut after the 1st game, so went home and did some more stretching. Two hours of exercise! Sweet! +7 exercises.
Day 42 - Thursday 6/9/11: Crammed in 45 minutes at the gym, so a full session, but didn't get my abs worked out. Grrr.
Day 43 - Friday, 6/10/11: Crammed another 45 mins at the gym, had to run for a dinner at 7, so am stuck on a week's worth of extra exercises halfway through the program!

Day 37 - results

Since I'm having a hard time posting on a daily basis, my next post will catch me up in terms of summarizing what I've been doing for the past nearly two weeks.

In any case, on Saturday June 4th, I ended up with those shoulders and arms done, then chilled at the pool, then got home to stretch and didn't do abs. So I got 2 workouts in, but I still need more! +7 workout days to go!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 37 - goals

Day 37! Wow! It's Saturday, June 4th, and I've got a full weekend ahead of me! It's sunny out too - a nice day for the pool and a walk! I'm still at +8 exercises needed to catch up.

Here's my goal for today:

1) Shoulders and Arms
2) Pool, then a walk after pool
3) Abs and streeeeetch in the afternoon!

That'll get me down to +7 exercises, and I'll be all limber for some events tonight!

Day 36 - results

Finally home! Was soooo wiped though, I am still behind on exercising. +8 exercise days - meaning I'll need to double up every weekend! That's fine - I think I got a plan!

Day 36 - goals

Another travel day! I gotta get some exercise in - been 3 days since my last pump up!

Day 35 - results

Yet another travel day that resulted in no exercise - worked from dawn 'till evening. +7 exercises to go!

Day 35 - goals

It's a new day! June 2nd, +6 exercises needed, I just need a run or a walk in today to keep ahead while I'm still in New Jersey!

Day 34 - results

No go on exercising - worked until late, then dinner with co-workers takes too long! Was almost 10 by the time I got back to my hotel room, with an early morning presentation. +6 exercises owed!

Day 34 - goals

June 1st, a new month! At +5 exercises needed, I still have some catching up to do! However, I'm now in New Jersey for work, and traveling makes it difficult to pull together an exercise plan. I hope I can get a run in around Trenton!

Day 33 - results

Went to the work gym, exercised my shoulders and arms, then ran home to take care of packing for the work trip. All set!

Day 33 - goals

Tuesday, May 31st - +5 exercises needed. Ready to tackle a work trip tomorrow... that might throw things off, gonna try my best not to let it!

I'll get into the gym and work on my arms and shoulders today.

Day 32 - results

Happy Memorial Day! +5 exercises still to go - did some chest and back exercises before geocaching! I had almost 10K steps at the end of the day, yay!

Day 32 - goals

It's Memorial Day! Yay! I'm so pumped for a day off, will get some exercise in and out and about for geocaching! That'll work those walking numbers up!

Day 31 - results

Yay for Yoga! All done there, ran out of time to double up, but I got some walking in for some 5,000 steps.... trying to hit my target of 10,000 next time!

Day 31 - goals

Sunday! +5 exercises over 90 days... I gotta get cracking!

Today is yoga day! Gotta earn that flexibility!

Day 30 - results

Hah, instead of doubling up like I planned, I ended up doing zero exercise. *sigh* I really need to plan my Saturdays better!

Ended up only walking some, but I need to do more! +5 exercises needed!

Day 30 - goals

One month in, 4 days behind schedule but on Saturday the 28th, I bet I can catch up some! Time to make some leg muscles!

Day 29 - results

Goodness, that worked out great! Got into the gym at 6, left right at 7! Pullups, bench presses, Y-shoulder presses, chair dips and bicep curls - feeling fabulous!

Day 29 - goals

Thank goodness it's Friday! I'll be getting into the work gym until they close at 7, so upper body workout today! Still at +4 workouts until I'm done!

Day 28 - results

I missed the arms and chest workout, but I did do abs! Just got rushed for time - it's one of those weeks!

Day 28 - goals

May 26 - +4 exercises needed - it's like soccer "extra time", after the game's over, there's still more time to play! ;-)

My goal is to hit the weights again, and work those abs!

Day 27 - results

Well, that missed the mark. I ended up working late and just could not get started on my exercise. +4 to catch up. That's not insurmountable, but I need to do the catch up!

Day 27 - goals

May 25, +3 days of exercise to catch up - I need to do some heart pumping exercise, so a run or a butt-kicking cardio workout would hit the spot!

Day 26 - results

Alright! Chest, shoulders, arms, and back! Loving this workout!

Day 26 - goals

May 24 - +3 days of exercise needed, I'm gonna try to double up on the weekend. I want to go to my work gym today and pump up the upper body!

Day 25 - results

Yessssss! Yoga accomplished! Yoga is soooo tough - I know I don't do the hardcore yoga class or anything, but man, I do feel better after completing it! Only had about 6,000 steps today, though - I need to up my exercising!

Day 25 - goals

Alright, since I missed my Day 24 goals, I'm now on Monday, May 23, and with +3 days behind my 90 day challenge.

After work today, I'd like to get another walk and actually complete my yoga!

Day 24 - results

I am sooooo far behind now.

I started really having to delve into work, and even do some travel that really ate into my free time, causing me to lose chances to keep on top of my exercise. So, I may have to push back my exercise goals, or attempt to double up every chance I can get, between now and Day 92!

So, Day 24 - if I can even remember what I did - I ended up taking a walk, but instead of yoga, I had some homework that really threw off my schedule. So, I'm at +3 exercise days needed!