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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 24 - goals

Still have a ton of homework to complete - but it's Sunday and that means what? Well, laundry for starters, but otherwise, I'm gonna get a walk in and some Yoga! Flexibility and strength, can't beat that!

Day 23 - results

Sometimes the day just doesn't go as planned. Instead of having plenty of time to do homework and work out, I ended up having a mid-day meeting that didn't go as smoothly as I'd like. Had to trim about 3 hours out of my day for that, which means I was only able to get abs in. Fine, at least that's something! Still have to get more in... so I'm now at +2 extra exercises needed! May have to go to Day 92!

Day 23 - goals

It's Saturday! I've got some homework to do , so when I get a break, I'm gonna flex my shoulders and arms and abs into some glamour muscles, and also get in a round of geocaching and a picnic too! Sun time!

Day 22 - results

Well, while I didn't get plyo done, I did do Cardio X instead, saving some 20 minutes, enabling me to take my tardiness in getting out of work and translating that into fun for the evening! Toodle-loo!

Day 22 - goals

It's Friday! If I've got time, I'd love to do me some plyometrics stuff - volleyball starts again June 1st and I wanna be on top of my game!

Day 21 - results

Not too bad of a day! I was able to do chest and back instead, plus my abs, felt good to do that! All this travel makes me weary! Alright, let's now celebrate with some yummy dinner!

Day 21 - goals

Is it Thursday? It is? Oh, thank goodness! Tomorrow's Friday! Let's see what I can do today. I ought to do my pushups and arms and abs today, so that's what I'm gonna do!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 20 - results

So, I'm now in Atlanta flying back to KC - I got some 30 minutes of swimming in the hotel pool, nothing at the heart-pumping level but I'm glad I got to move around and use some muscles! I think I need to make up all of the past 3 days by doubling up on my exercises - so I totally have to get back on track!

Day 20 - goals

*sigh* Yet another travel day today - Wednesday, May 18th - plus another set of presentations I can't escape. I sure hope I get some sweating in!

Day 19 - results

THAT was not a workout day. But I still got to sweat!

In the craziest fashion imaginable, after presenting all day, I took a large group out to dinner just a few blocks from the hotel in Miami beach. After dinner, it was gonna be a short hop a couple of more blocks away for a cool old bar that was featured in a James Bond movie. But noooooo.... this ended up being a 44 block jaunt to find the danged place!

On the upside, I counted 12,614 steps for the day! Woot!

Day 19 - goals

So, with yesterday's travel day being an atrocity, I'm gonna make this day a bit better. Hopefully after dinner, I'll get some hotel gym time on my arms and roll up 15 minutes of abs!

Day 18 - results

Oh, geez, that wasn't very productive. Since I traveled all day Monday, and got in and immediately had to join a meeting, then rush off to cocktail hour with the gang, then back to the room to put the finishing touches on my presentation, I guess I wasn't very mobile all day!

I finished with about 5,000 steps. I can do better than that! Next time!

Day 18 - goals

Well, it's Monday! And I am back in the air for yet another work trip! Oy! Those work trips make it really challenging to do some workouts. Let's see what I can get done on the plane!

Since I'll be jetting through the busiest airport in the US today (Atlanta), I expect I'll get some 10,000 steps today!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 17 - results

My gawd, that was a tough day! About 3 games of vball spread out over 3 hours, then another 3 hours of walking in the Overland Park Arboretum! Good enough for me today!

Day 17 - goals

So, I'm gonna try to get the following in today:

1) Volleyball tournament at Mid-America
2) Geocaching walk
3) Yogaaaaaaa

That'll bring me up to speed on my workouts!

Day 16 - results

Workout #16! Was supposed to double up, but ended up doing more housework than expected, so Kenpo boxing came up instead of streeeeeetch X. Alright! I have a lot to do on Sunday, so maybe that'll bring me up to speed!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 16 - goals

This is gonna be a good day! I'm going to double up on some kickboxin' and then streeeeetch out for about an hour. That'll get me good and ready for tomorrow's vball tourney!

Day 15 - results

Well, resting was a hit, but I still had to exercise somehow on Day 15! I ended up only getting some 4,800 steps instead of the 10K I wanted, but I got more than I expected while spending a few hours in a car! Got some geocaching in too!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 15 - goals

So, it's Friday! Usually I like to take a rest day on Friday, but tonight I'm gonna see if I can get up to 10,000 steps around town. So not any formal exercise, but definitely counting something!

Day 14 - results

This is some seriously tough stuff. Legs n' Back is my X weakness - I always have a hard time with the lunges and shin work, gotta protect my knees! Finished it all in a bit over an hour and a half, but I'm glad I tackled those abs!

Day 14 - goals

Since I've been exercising my upper body with weights, things are great - just need to balance it out with some lower body stuff and abs! So tonight, I'm going to crush some Legs 'n Back with Ab Ripper X - abs from memory, even! Let's rock!

Day 13 - results

Wow! That was quite the workout day. Muscling those arms and stretching for 45 mins, then rocked out to vball for another 45. Sweaty day!

Day 13 - goals

So, Wednesday the 11th - I'm gonna get some vball and arms in! Gonna hit the gym and pull out those glamour muscles with some shoulders, bicep and tricep exercises!

Day 12 - results

Ended up only doing a 30 minute walk for the day - had a meeting run late, then only 45 mins or so before having to leave to the HLAA-KC Steering Committee meeting. Had about 6,059 steps for the day - still aiming to get 10,000 again soon!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 12 - goals

I'm over 1/9th of the way to my goal! Well, minus one rest day.... so I'll count this as Day 12 minus 1 until I double up on a Saturday!

Today's goal is to get into my gym at work and pump some hams, calves, and quads! Aiming to include the other half of the abs I missed yesterday - so yay!

Day 11 - results

Okay, that went much better than Sunday! Ended up doing some X Chest and Back, completed half a workout there, then started up some abs before collapsing in a heap halfway through. *sigh* That just means I get a full workout tomorrow!

Day 11 - goals

Since yesterday I was unable to make a dent in my workout, today I'm gonna take it easy and do some pushups and pullups and abs and see where that takes me!

Day 10 - results

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.

Could not finish yoga tonight - just not in any condition after 3 days of traveling and being beaten to a pulp on my feet. Will rest and recover and attack with gusto tomorrow!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 10 - goals

So I've just landed from LAX through ATL - Los Angeles to Atlanta to Kansas City -- just for the extra miles and extra sleeeeeeeeep. Sleeping on these planes was not that much fun, but a pillow and blanket makes it a bit more tolerable! Those inflatable neck pillows are a lifesaver....

Gonna see if I can yoga it up today! That is, if I can get over the jetlag and plane aches!

Day 9 - results

So, yeah, I totally didn't to do any exercising at all on Saturday. Just no way. 6,000 people slammed the booth, I didn't get a lunch break, or any break, all day, and mostly sat down while people lined up around the block just to talk to me. Ack!

Looks like I ended the day with about 5,000+ steps, recorded it just as my phone battery was dying at midnight in LAX catching my flight out. What a day!

Day 9 - goals

So now today's gonna be a real test to see if I'm even up for exercising. Saturday, May 7, not only will I be outside today and standing and walking around, but it's going to be crowded and so busy that I'll barely have a moment to breathe - then afterwards I gotta run and catch my flight on the red-eye to make it back home. No time at all for an exercise plan, but let's see how many steps I count!

Day 8 - results

Oh, gawd, I need to stick to a real workout routine instead of this standing around and working tradeshow booths. I had my pedometer on all day and spent most of it in the 30x30 foot space in my work's tent. I ended up getting exactly 10,000 steps by the end of the day, which is supposed to be a good benchmark. Yay!

Day 8 - goals

Well, since I'm now into week 2, and kind of far far away from my gym and home, let's see if I can at least get a good walk in and some stretching. I'm gonna be on my feet all day outside in the sunny CA weather!

Day 7 - results

Whyyyyyyyy do I spend 6 hours cooped up in tiny airplane seats?! I need to get this quantum teleportation device completed, pronto!

After grabbing some lunch with fam in town, and driving all over L.A. for work, I got my precious 15 minutes of workout time before dinner! Yay! Goooo abs!

Day 7 - goals

It's flight day! On day 7, which is when I conquer my first week of 90 days of exercise, I get to spend most of it in a flying tin can through Dallas to Santa Ana, CA for some work stuff. I wanted to do some yoga to kill time in the air, but I didn't think the flight attendants would appreciate that any. ;-)

My goal today is just pound some abs out when I get a moment in the hotel later tonight - quick, compact and invigorating!

Day 6 - results

Well, I ended up traveling out of state on a whirlwind series of events starting on Thursday, so it got terribly difficult to blog! However, I kept good track of my exercise, so I'll spill it day by day for ya!

Day 6 - Wednesday, 5/4/2011 - ended up just playing volleyball as planned, wasn't feeling 100% but gave it my all anyway! After that 5K on Friday evening at midnight, my shins took a major beating and it's gonna take some time to heal up fully. Mayhaps I'll take that suggestion to see a physical therapist!

Volleyball is so much fun! Can't resist a spike or two or ten!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 6 - goals

So, almost to the end of week 1! It's always the hardest to get back up after you fall, and picking up workin out again after a break is no exception!

Today, for day 6 - I will at least do vball, but I hope to get some abs in there somewhere. If I can do both, great!

Day 5 - results

Gotta be consistent! So, 5 days into the program - 5 for 5, 100 minutes of working out today, keeping safe and making sure I work up a sweat! Vball went well, winning 2 out of 3 games - gotta keep pushing hard on my training for Deaflympics!

Day 5 - plan

I've lost track of what day it's supposed to be! Man oh man! What, it's Tuesday? Well, it was supposed to be WRITTEN on Tuesday. Anyone have a time machine I can borrow and go back in time to write this post?

While I'm waiting (how does one wait for a time machine?) it's Day 5 of the exercise plan! I'll be streeeeetching (grrrr shins are botherinyg me again) then playing some vball at the esteemed Tomahawk Ridge - that'll be about 100 mins of exercise today alone. Woot!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 4 - results

Whew! The trip to the gym was tough! I normally look forward to a hard workout after a long day, to be able to focus on something simple as push and pull, but Day 4 was just beating me down. I'm just glad I was able to get in some sets on the bench press machine, the pullup bar, do some bicep curls and tricep pulldowns. Kind of light compared to my normal intense workout, as I lightened the weight some, but soon it'll be full weights! Yay! Day 4 down!

Edit: I THOUGHT I didn't post this already, so I made a second post on 5/5/11 and didn't have a chance to review my blog until the following week. Man! In any case, to give more detail, here's my day 4 results:

1) Gym at 630pm after work
2) Clocked in 5,783 steps on my pedometer
3) exercised my upper body for 30 mins - bench, pullups, bicep curls, and tricep pulldowns Feeling it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 4 - plan

So, hump day of the first week of this goal to reach 90 days of working out. Let's see if we can keep up my energy and go the distance!

So, today I'll be at the gym getting pumped on the weights - my usual routine consists of bench press, pullups, curls, lat pulldowns, and some abs all mixed up - we'll at least do the first four exercises as I've already done some serious abs over the past two days. So off I go!

Day 3- results

Day 3 was wild! Got some early morning trekking in checking out random places in Olathe while doing some geocaching! That was pretty fun - my group located 3 out of 3 caches, a big improvement over another outing I heard about....

After that I settled in for some kickass Yoga X - that's some serious business as it's a full hour and a half, with some tough moves to boot! Balancing on one foot for like 5 mins? Yikes! However, it gone all done and now onward to day 4!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 3 goal

It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Gonna be a fun day! Am gonna get out and about, and use the pedometer I picked up as part of the Sprint fitness challenge - my goal is to have a minimum of 5,000 steps a day. Right now the "high water mark" set by my team is 15,000+ steps in a day, which is easy peasy as a 5K gave me about 8000+ steps in less than a half hour.

Today, though, I'll settle for some Yoga before din din and really get my mind and body ready for this workweek!

Day 2- results

Did my abs yesterday, man, I need to do those more often! Working out the core is a good reminder about posture - something I start forgetting after numerous hours of sitting in front of the computer at work. Good posture is important!

Onto day 3!