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Monday, July 25, 2011

Days 88-90, plus OVERTIME

Day 88- Monday 7/25 - Was supposed to do gym and stretching, but was stuck at home until 9 waiting for the painters to finish repairs. Yay for being done! Pulled a Kenpo workout instead! +10 extra workouts remaining

Day 89 - Back and biceps, then stretching. +9 workouts remaining!

Day 90 - Wednesday 7/27 - Doubled up volleyball for the 3rd time in a row - that counts as two workouts! Woot! Did some cardio at the gym beforehand too, running on the elliptical and even did abs - down to +7 workouts!

Overtime +1- Thursday 7/28 - Stretch plus gymnastics class #4 without Kel - working hard! +5

Overtime +2- Friday 7/29 - Lunchtime workout! Then, when I got home I did some cardio to be ready for my run, then off to a movie for the night! +3

Overtime +3 - Saturday 7/30 - Long walk and core! Down to one workout left!

Overtime +4- Sunday 7/31 - Warrior Dash Sunday! Holy moly this should count as 10 workouts all by itself! Hot hot hot hot hot hot! Am soooooo glad I finished it though!

DONE! 90 days of exercise plus an extra 4 days to hash things out... off to The Melting Pot for our reward!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Days 81-87

Day 81- Monday 7/18 - What a Monday! My house is being worked on by the roofers.... been waiting since April to get my overhead fixed. Finally! Worked out at the gym, did chest, back, arms, shoulders and abs....

Day 82- Tuesday 7/19 - *grumble* My roof was supposed to be finished today... guess what? They aren't... and it's a bit hard to get outside and do some final trimming of my bushes and go for a walk when nails are strewn about and things could fall on you any minute. Where'd I leave my hard hat? I did about 30 minutes of Kenpo inside before focusing on other things for the day...

Day 83- Wednesday 7/20 - Doubled up volleyball for the 3rd time in a row - that counts as two workouts! Woot! Down to +10!

Day 84- Thursday 7/21 - Gymnastics class #3 with Kel - improving! I want to try some of those free running/parkour skills.....

Day 85- Friday 7/22 - Headed out early and visited someone recovering from surgery! When I got home I did some stretching to be ready for my run!

Day 86- Saturday 7/23 - Jingle in July run! Whoa it's HOT out! Wanted to double up, but that run wore me out! Onto the HearLife Expo!

Day 87- Sunday 7/24 - Yogaaaaa Sunday! Got up early to knock that out of the park!

So, day 87, and +10 exercises to go! I'm not gonna be able to fit 10 in the next couple of days, so I guess it's... OVERTIME!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I've always been interested in science and how to study the world around us. I'm an avid reader of Popular Science, which while often carries articles that are a bit far-fetched at times, does contain a solid reporting track in bleeding edge research. One such article from the recent magazine publication is the "World's Top 10 Most Epic Projects."

These 10 projects are huge collaborations that span hundred and thousands of scientists and engineers, all working together to research some tiny part of the universe. My favorite one is the Earthscope project, which tracks seismology data of North America - to better predict earthquakes and eruptions of volcanoes. That's of vital importance to me because I grew up around earthquakes happening on a regular basis - you could probably feel one or two a month, easily - and there's always that threat of the "Big One" happening that will tear California asunder and eventually move Los Angeles right next door to San Francisco. Of course, that'll still take a million years, but yeah, the commute is already brutal enough today!

Science rules!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Days 74-80

Day 74- Monday 7/11 - Oh no it's Monday again! Ended up working really late and was unable to get any workout time in, ended up walking a pittance too. Argh! +12 exercises with 16 days left!

Day 75- Tuesday 7/12 - Ran to the gym after work but was pressed for time, I had to get to an early HLAA meeting for dinner! Did 30 minutes of chest, pullups, arms and abs, then cleaned up and had some Mi Ranchito goodness with the gang! Brain and brawn food! ;-)

Day 76- Wednesday 7/13 - Doubled up volleyball - that counts as two workouts! Woot! Down to +11!

Day 77- Thursday 7/14 - Gymnastics class #2 with Kel - fun! Focused on improving my cartwheels so that I could face one way then face 180 degrees from where I started - haven't quite got them down yet, but next week I will!

Day 78- Friday 7/15 - Did some back and biceps and abs for about 30 minutes. Still need to get up to a full hour for a real workout!

Day 79- Saturday 7/16 - Took a long walk between dinner and frozen yogurt dessert! That was fun, discovering a hidden middle school that I never realized existed in my neighborhood....

Day 80- Sunday 7/17 - Yogaaaaa Sunday! It was nice to get in some vinyasas and moving asanas... then some streeeeeetching! Headed out to a pool party then watching some USA women's soccer at the World Cup! Go USA! So close this time, girls!

So, day 80, my goodness it's close to reward time! I can't wait to catch up on my +11 exercises as soon as I can so I can complete my goal of 90 days of exercising since May!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 67 through 73

Day 67 - Monday 7/4 - Still recovering from the new workouts from last week, ended up hiking for an hour looking for geocaches! More fireworks fun too!
Day 68 - Tuesday 7/5 - Started doing some back and biceps then felt sore still, decided not to push my luck just yet. *grumble* Mannnnn!

Day 69 - Wednesday 7/6 - Doubled up volleyball - two workouts!

Day 70 - Thursday 7/7 - Gymnastics class with Kel - fun! A new way to exercise and practice my balancing and flipping out. Will I soon be a ninja? ;-)

Day 71 - Friday 7/8 - No workout, but a looooooong drive down to Arkansas to finish my SCUBA training!

Day 72 - Saturday 7/9 - SCUBA swimming and training from 8:30am to 1:30pm with the occasional break and lunch, about 3 hours all together. I consider that 3 workouts right there!

Day 73 - Sunday 7/10 - Another hour of SCUBA swimming and training - woot! Diving sure can wear ya out! Back home in the evening to start the work week fresh!

So, day 73, and I've got 7 workouts in this week... no progress towards getting my workouts down! Still on +11 exercises to go!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kinda jumping off my exercise blog for a minute....

I've been meaning to write for a bit now, things have been hectic around my career and personal life lately. However, I've got like 5 minutes to put things down on electronic paper, as it were, and get some thoughts out.

I've really got to manage my time better. I have so many things piled up that I'm forgetting to do things like call for doctor's appointments and fix my car. Stuff that you let go long enough, and something will break... and then everything comes to a screeching halt until it gets fixed. Man, I hate it when that happens.

So right now, I've got to take care of a car thing before I can head out on a long trip and earn my SCUBA PADI certification. When the heck am I gonna find time to be without my car for a few days? Never! Seriously, it's like 2 days without my car is unfathomable with all the activities I do. On one hand, I hope some day it settles down, and on the other, I'd rather be busy than bored, so.....

Now if only I could catch up on the 150+ pending items I have in my to-do worklist.... one thing at a time!