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Friday, November 26, 2010

Seafood = ew?

Food is good. Heck, when I'm not stuffing myself full of gobble gobble turkey, I tend to rummage around my fridge looking for the next great meal to cook. Tonight, for instance, I threw together the following interesting ingredients just like I would on Iron Chef:
1) Shrimp, tail-off, pre-cooked
2) Gluten free angel hair pasta
3) Cucumber, sliced
4) Red roasted pepper tomato soup
5) Balsamic dressing, gluten-free

I ended up with:
Angel-hair pasta with shrimp and sliced cucumbers, drizzled with balsamic dressing, and tomato soup to keep warm

DELISH! Would eat again+++++++!!!

Now, the silly thing is, earlier this week, I got a universal consensus from my dining partners who all said "Seafood? Ewwww" when I ordered fish for dinner one night. I grew up eating just about any kind of food under the sun and people here are going "ickpth?" What's up with that?


  1. Most people that live in Kansas have typically had a bad experience with seafood at some point or another. Think about it: we're pretty landlocked, which means that getting fresh seafood is sometimes difficult and a little suspicious.
    Me on the other hand, reserved judgement until I went to Seattle, ate at a restaurant on the water, and tried a huge sampler of everything seafood on the menu. I tried to keep an open mind...I ate everything...and went to McDonalds on the way home...:O)

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