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Monday, October 3, 2011

So I'm munchin' on some pan-seared Tilapia, chatting with my favorite person in the world when I'm thinking, so what's next here?  I'm at a bit of a crossroads - some of the stuff I've been spending years working on is coming to an end, so my time will be freed up a bit more than it has been lately.

So what could I do with this newfound spare time?  Find a new hobby?  Paintball's fun, but there are a limited number of targets in this city.  Volunteer?  I'm already on a couple of executive and advisory boards that I'm going to put some more effort into.  Make new friends?  Everybody could always use some new friends.

I'm beginning to wonder if it makes sense to take things in a new direction.  Maybe I should get a bold new haircut.  *smirk* I'm actually thinking more along the lines of rebuilding myself, especially since it's been difficult lately to work out and feel stronger.  Taking care of my health needs to be a priority and I think that's something I can do while I get other things in motion towards a fun, happy, and interesting future.

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