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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy holidays!

It's been mad busy this past year and finally things are starting to calm down a tad.  A TAD.  Hardly anything at all, but I am trying to finish writing letters, rip DVDs so I can watch them on my tablet when I travel (with captions!) and work out hard enough that I can barely push myself off the floor when I'm done.  Heh.

Hopefully, the rest of 2011 will go nice and smooth.  I'm changing my internet service provider at home, work a few more days to wrap up the year, and enjoy my hot cocoa without snow for a change.  It is really weird to be in Kansas and yet not have seen snow - usually after Thanksgiving there's a blanket that coats everything, and I've even flown back from long trips to have to figure out how to drive in the slushy stuff again.  Sometimes I can't even get in my front door!

Just got back from Nashville visiting family and friends, it was great to see a football game there and relax while enjoying the Nashville Science Center.  Science rocks!

Until next time!

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