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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Taste the rainbow

In my search for new and exciting foods to eat, I happened to learn that Skittles are indeed gluten-free. Says so on the label (while not online, it is printed on the package directly underneath the ingredients) which means yay for me! Since I was taught to share while growing up, it was doubly awesome that my fellow Colorado traveler, Kel, also likes skittles (and particularly the new Crazy Cores, pictured above) I got to enjoy a double sugar rush on the road! That's always awesome, 'cause, well, I end up doubling over with laughter when mixing sugar with fun!

Speaking of doubles (and not the tennis kind) I was home today and found my leftover skittles were indeed spread out in a rainbow fashion around my office. My two cats decided that a bag was not the right place to keep candy, and instead the floor was better, and thus I had to clean up a colorful assortment of tasty rainbow pieces. Bad kitties!

Color is the order of the day. On birthdays, I often think of multi-colored candles adorning a cake, ready to be blown out. Thus, I do want to wish my August buddies a happy birthday, Kel, Chris and Sarah S. I guess that means soon enough I'll be facing my own annual tick when I step more firmly in to my 4th decade (hint: this century is the 21st century. I am not yet 40) later this summer. Yes, I am a summer baby. Some people are in denial that a birthday before labor day in September is anything but a summer b-day. Get with the program, people!

Off to make my night a bit brighter - I'm painting my younger bro's old bedroom a nice sheen of white in preparation for a real color to be put in. I'm having a hard time choosing one, to be honest. My main color is blue but I've already got an awesome blue for my office. I'm probably gonna end up just throwing darts at a color wheel. That sounds like fun, actually. But just so you know, getting paint in your mouth isn't very tasty. Don't taste that kind of rainbow, yo.

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