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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Colorado bound!

In a couple of days, I'm going to be one with nature. Mostly off the grid, so to speak. Where? In lovely, colorful Colorado, the Centennial State, home of the highest altitudes in the continential United States. Coincedentally, one of those peaks will be my group's destination - Mount Harvard, the 4th highest peak in the lower 48. I'm raring to go, can't wait until Saturday!

One of the issues I face is two-fold - 1) going off the power infrastructure for so long means I'm not likely to be CI equipped the entire time, and 2) incorporating a new friend into the fold - Mike, Tara's boyfriend, is still learning sign language. It'll be a challenge for him. I'll probably be free as a bird, unencumbered by the need to listen for conference calls and dance cues. It's a different side of the world than I face daily. So, once again, for at least a week during my summer, I'll be immersed in ASL/SEE/CASE.

I shan't leave without at least this promise - I'll journal and photo-document the journey, and post here upon my return. Until then!

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  1. Have fun and let us know how the Colorado trip goes. Id love to visit that state for it's majestic mountains but I won't climb too high or on any steep parts.

    Hope u have time to post the answers here regarding HLAA, we are curious! A faster way is just scan all the notes you wrote and ill post the answers for you in my blog.