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Sunday, May 30, 2010

HLAA again!

Just a few more weeks and I'll be off to Milwaukee for some education and networking!

Last year, when I headed to Nashville, I really had no idea what would be in store for me. There's been a big push to introduce more young adults into a traditionally aging organization geared towards late-deafened and older Americans who have lost their hearing post-lingually. Last year, there were approximately thirty people under the age of 35 attending the workshops, talking about their life experiences, making plans for coordinating future events.

When I attended, I was the newly-minted Vice President of the recently established Kansas City HLAA Chapter. I had no idea how to use my role to benefit my chapter - all of the officers who trekked out that way were brand new at this business. I was actually more interested in the research symposium about stem cells (which I blogged about in depth last year) and took copious notes for those who were unable to attend. I intend to do the same this year, but do that for more topics - hopefully all the workshops I can attend!

This year I may be spending a little more of my time doing chapter activities as the President of the KC HLAA chapter. We've just recently grown with half a dozen new members and I intend to make their membership wholly worthwhile. How? Interesting activities and relationship building is the prime reason I believe people do anything together. So you bet I'm gonna pick some braaaaaaains at Milwaukee!

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  1. just saying hey! it's been 1 year since my CI turn on. AND I will be there at HLAA... see you there!