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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kitty nap

So I got home from work and immediately set onto doing my plans for the evening:

1) Get changed for a invite-only event happening in the office a bit later and meet some industry heavyweights
2) Gobble some dinner then dash off to
3) Kickball!

Instead, I was faced with the equivalent of the above picture - kitty nap therapy!

I've been traveling pretty much for the whole month of April. South Padre Island, Columbia, St. Louis, Birmingham, and Pomona. It finally just all caught up to me. Once I sat down and a kitty took over my lap... game over, man, game over!

Nap attack!

Traveling takes a lot out of you. By my calculations, I have traveled:

2,200 miles roundtrip KC to SPI
520 miles roundtrip KC to STL
300 miles roundtrip KC to COU
1,200 miles roundtrip KC to BHM
2,600 miles roundtrip KC to ONT
6,820 miles total (and not all of them at 500+ MPH, my usual speed ;-) )

I will admit that it was nice meeting new people and seeing new places - even an unusual place like the South. Chalk up one more state to my "been there done that" list!

May all of your travels be safe and your naps kitty-filled... an hour with Rascal curled up and twitching on my lap definitely made my day. Let's go 6th graders!

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