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Monday, May 10, 2010

See What I'm Saying!

Yeah, I like catching movies. Taking some creativity, mash it together with some eye candy, and flesh it out with a great plot, and I'll eat it right up. Last weekend, Kel and I watched the original 1951 Alice in Wonderland - quite a few weeks after we saw the Johnny Depp version in theatres. I gotta tell ya, I know I've seen it before as a kid, but this movie is TRIPPY. Nothing made sense, you just know those animators were on acid, and yet it was very pretty and actually somewhat coherent to follow. I wonder what else in my childhood I just enjoyed while being a kid, but now as an adult I would be utterly flabbergasted to believe I even made sense of it!

So what am I sayin', anyway? Oh, yeah, I'm getting a kick out of seeing some of these classic Disney films. But coming up next week will be a documentary that my company graciously sponsored, "See What I'm Saying" showing in Olathe, KS for the week only. I'm excited about seeing it as I wonder just how these entertainers are overcoming the stigma of deafness in Hollywood, I mean, even these days people with typical hearing are playing the parts of people with atypical hearing! Errr, I was being politically correct, apparently there's a push to stop alienating people with hearing loss and labeling people who are hearing as "typical" and deaf as "atypical." One of these days we're just gonna start saying "Smurf smurf smurf blippety SMURF!" in our daily language at the rate we're going.

Now if only the weather would let up. Man, it's almost summer and it's still cold! Come on out, sun!

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