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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 2 - goal

So, exercise goal #2/90 was already set before I even made this post. I happened to sign up for a 5K run to be held on the Saturday morning of 4/30/2011 - and when I say morning, I don't mean at the crack 'o dawn type - this one was at midnight! Yeah, I participated in the Kansas Special Olympics' Midnight 5K run: It was a rough run - on a normal day, no biggie, but I was exhausted from the whole week catching up with me! I took it easy at the beginning and then upped the pace until my shins told me to take a rest - then just coasted on a jog the remainder of the way in. I think I ended up somewhere around 27:30, not too bad.

Anyway, that gave me quite a bit of exercise, so I'm going to add to it by doing some Ab Ripper and rip those obliques. Fun fun!

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