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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ha, errrr....

Well, this is embarassing. Hello, blog! I haven't written in ya for a bit. It's about time I get back in the typing saddle!

I'm gonna get some writing exercises going. First up, I've been neglecting my workout routine. I had been pretty hardcore about the gym and P90X, but work responsibilities have had me spending my hours elsewhere. So, it's Plan90Extreme (Not to be confused with P90X ;-) ) where I'm gonna do some regular short, varied workout goals to get back into my "gotta work out today" mentality. So by the end of July, I should be reaching my fitness goals!

I'll be numbering my days and stating what workout I'm planning for the day in the morning, then executing that goal by the end of the day. It might be as simple as just stretching, or doing complicated gym routines or yoga. Either way, short and to the point, and then documenting it here will be the way to go!

Tomorrow will be day one. That's always the hardest day. But, heck, Friday's never supposed to be a hard day!

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