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Friday, May 29, 2009


All my life, I've been a book person.  Book worm.  Biblophile.  But until I moved to KC, I never connected with anybody who read for fun, who collected works for their own pleasure.  Well, there was my roommate, Curious George:

He was the kind of guy who was well read, but it felt like it was the intense kind of "absorb all knowledge via osmosis" reading.  I'd like to give him a shout out (or a wave out, to be more appropriate) for completing his 3rd year of law school at UW and is presently studying for the WA law bar.  Go, Kyle!

However, upon landing in KC not too long ago, I came across Seth - and from there, I've delved deeply into Chuck Palahniuk's insane and graphic ramblings.  It was the passion that my buddy showed that got to me -- at last, I no longer need to hide my carnal need to devour paperbacks and library books to, well, fit into the group.  Now I've come across a few more people, in KC and elsewhere, who express deep literary knowledge that I've been craving to share.  And yes, science nerds DO need to read Anne McCaffrey. ;-)

Bottom line -- books are good, mmmkay?  I'm meeting authors and writers and scripters and screenwriters, all with superb creative ideas.  I'm humbled by such company, and someday I hope I can join their ranks.

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