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Saturday, May 16, 2009


I've always wanted to write a book.  When I was around 10 or so, my Dad had divorced my mom and married this horrid, uptight woman that was bossy, superficial, and controlling.  The one upside to this, though was on those every-other-weekend visits to my Dad's, I would sometimes get to hang with this really cool uncle (step-uncle to be accurate, but since American culture is getting so full of divorces and remarriages, I think the whole "step" moniker might need to go away).  This uncle was, I believe, my Dad's wife's brother-in-law.  

Anyway, the point is, he was the creative type - played in bands, wrote songs, did art, stuff like that.  One day he sits down and asks me what I really want to do when I grow up - and the first thing out of my mouth was "writer."  Growing up, I was the extreme bookworm of the family - I preferred books to people.  I believe my hearing loss contributed to that -- my primary language isn't spoken English, but written English -- a fine distinction, to be sure.  So, I would read hundreds of books a year - maybe more than a thousand - I would be reading on the bus to school, reading hiding my book in my textbook in class, readin at lunch, reading on the bus back home, reading when I got home, and reading to sleep.  Novels?  Eat through 'em in a day or two.  Epic, thousand page adventures?  A week, unless it was summer - then it'd be 4 days, tops.

Umm, back to writing.  I had excellent writing skills - spelling, grammar, sentence structure, proper opening, body management, how to close -- but I never wrote for creativity.  This uncle -Uncle Roy - and I came up with "Robots in my Underwear."  Inspired by my love for science fiction, space, and electronics, I wrote about a boy who discovered a secret alien robot who wanted to know what being human was like and did things like wear the boy's clothes.  It was going to be a kid's book about the two having great adventures exploring the world and life.  Unfortunately, not too long after I started that, I never saw Uncle Roy ever again.  It wasn't much later that my Dad divorced the woman.

I really should get back into developing that story, just brainstorming and writing and exploring trains of thought.  I'm inspired that one my friends, Shanna Groves, just got published - she wrote "Lip Reader" and it's now available on Amazon.  Rock on, girl!

Well, time to put away the brain stuff and focus on the game stuff.  Volleyball tourney tomorrow.  Time to pit Sprint's select elites against those other companies in the Kansas City area.  We will rock!

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