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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ha-HA!  After 4 long years of struggle, Sprint has achieved what it has only dreamed of doing for so long - win a gold medal in volleyball at the KC Corporate Challenge!

I'd like to take all the credit, but frankly, we won despite my best efforts to screw up.  And boy, did I screw up lots today.  Well, everyone else did too, that's the nature of A-level volleyball.  The top division in the competition consists of companies with 2500+ employees -- meaning that each company can cherry pick their best players to pit against each other in heated competition.  

Such was the case against Honeywell, DST, and Cerner today.  Elite players in  combat with other elites, men who had grown up playing on the beaches of California, of the gyms in Florida, at colleges like Penn State or UCLA.  Luckily, we held together against all comers and emerged victorious.

I think sports can be a great equalizer between people.  Everyone on the team knows I can't hear, but boy, they're not gonna just let me play and have fun because I'm special (or more precisely, special ed.).  We worked harder together and in the end, my small physical setback became a rallying flag energizing my team.  "If Dennis can do it... I can too!"

The funniest thing is -- I play too loud.  The guy who can't hear is the megaphone on the court.  I'm the guy on the court everyone can hear "It's OUT!  It's OUT!" "Set middle.  MIDDLE!" "KILL the ball! SCORE!"  "I GOT it!  YOU got it!" Nobody can be bothered to out-shout me.  It bothers the hell out of the other teams because I'll shout nonsense that takes them a second to figure out if it's their own team shouting or if it's me.  Hey, I'll take every advantage I can get on the court. ;-)

And since I've just played 6 hours of v-ball, I'm gonna crash into bed.  G'night all.

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