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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Open for business

"Positive Terminal."  

You know when you have to write a paper for school, you have to come up with a title.  Something descriptive, something relevant, or maybe sometimes just plain interesting.  Just how did Herman Melville come up with the title "Moby Dick?"  Sure, it's the name of the eponymous whale, but man, I might've read it at a younger age if it was "The Tyranny of Captain Ahab."

So, out comes Positive Terminal.  A bunch of plays on my personality there - meanings involve batteries (electronics), positive attitude, airplane terminals, computer terminals, physics, magnetism, smiling, sportsmanship, optimism.... just to throw out a few thoughts.  

This'll be the first time I'm blogging without hiding who I am.  In the past, my professional life consumed a huge portion of my personality, making it very difficult to separate my personal views from my professional identity.   It was almost impossible to state my mind without having someone associate it with my work organization.  I've gotten much better at that lately -- as a consequence, I'm comfortable putting myself out there to touch on a number of controversial topics that I'll cover in this blog.

I'll get started right away.  I'm disappointed we're still enmeshed in the Iraq battlefield.  Just today, on CNN, there was a report of a soldier who shot up a medical clinic in Iraq on Monday.  I've got an acquaintance who has been doing merc medic work in Afghanistan and Iraq, patching up both warriors and civilians alike.  I hear stories of kids coming in with mine-wounds, bullet wounds, and much worse.  As much as I applaud him for being willing to do that while in harm's way, I'd rather he be home doing EMT stuff instead of potentially meeting guerilla warriors and insane PTSD  soldiers shooting up hospitals.  Even if the pay is 10X less being an EMT here at home.  Head down and come back safe, Bryan.

Well, stay tuned until the next installment!

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