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Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 60 through 66

Status at the beginning of Day 60:

2 months in! Wow! One more month to go! I'm at +10 extra days of exercise needed, though, so I either gotta catch up or have to extend my working out to reach my 90 days goal!

Day 60 - 6/27/11, Monday: I did 30 mins of chest and arms and half of abs - next time I gotta go the full hour and 15 mins!

Day 61 - 6/28/11, Tuesday: I did 30 mins of cardio - ran out of time, had to go run to dinner!

Day 62 - 6/29/11, Wednesday: No volleyball today, but SCUBA dive training! Yay! 3 hours of water training, oy!

Day 63 - 6/30/11, Thursday: I originally planned to do back and biceps and abs, then signed up for a gymnastics class instead. Fun! Definitely works my body out! Learned to do handstands and cartwheels - I have no idea what I'm getting set up for, but it's different than just doing P90X for a bunch of reps and then calling it a day.

Day 64 - 7/1/11, Friday: Took and aerial conditioning class with Kelly - basically, hanging from ropes and bars and silks - tough! Holy cow, it does a number on your forearms and wrists! I learned that "circus hurts" especially when you've got to contort into a particular shape for a move! Kelly did great though, I wonder if she could have a future as an acrobat....

Day 65 - 7/2/11, Saturday: The most grueling workout to date - running the gauntlet! Hybrid 180 in Riverside, MO set up an outdoor obstacle course consisting of 20 wooden obstacles that you have to hurdle over, climb over, run through, dive under, crawl under, and balance through. The first run I did in just over 7 minutes - but it took a lot out of me! It was nasty hot that morning too - already close to 90 degrees in heavy humidity. Yikes! Once that was done, I ran home to get ready for a wedding - thank goodness that was inside an art gallery, which was way cool too!

Day 66 - 7/3/11, Sunday: I took the day off to rest - was going to get some pool time in, but the weather didn't cooperate. Aw! Ended up having some margaritas and setting off some fireworks with some new friends. Yay!

Status at the end of the week:

66 days in on my 90 day exercise goal.

+11 exercises needed to catch up.

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