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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Days 53 through 59

Day 53 - Monday, 6/20 - Got home late from work, but did some light working out and some abs for 30 minutes, and got in 3,395 steps.
Day 54 - Tuesday, 6/21 - Did Cardio X for 45 mins, and got 3,641 steps.
Day 55 - Wednesday, 6/22 - Was supposed to do volleyball, but no games tonight! Aw! Ended up doing abs and a little bit of Chest & Back for 30 minutes. Stopped with a sore elbow, wondering what's up with that lately.... 3,238 steps.
Day 56 - Thursday, 6/23 - No exercise, so I'm behind yet another day. +9 exercises. 3,238 steps (same as yesterday) because I still had my pedometer on today but forgot to enter it in yesterday.
Day 57 - Friday, 6/24 - Took a 60 minute walk around the neighborhood - found some surprising new areas I hadn't walked before! 9,438 steps.
Day 58 - Saturday, 6/25 - What a lame day. I won't count today as an exercise day as I was busy studying and only got some abs in. Did some bowling but man that is SO NOT EXERCISE! ;-) 3,712 steps.
Day 59 - Sunday, 6/26 - Got in some yoga, but was tired and didn't finish it all. 30 mins of yoga! That'll count as exercise, but I never did get that walk in. Ack!

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