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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Days 44 through 52

Due to travel, I'm summarizing how I did on my exercising:

Day 44 - Saturday, 6/11/11: Got to yoga in before I boarded a plane to Washington DC! Once my party of 5 got to DC, we had quite a trek to the hotel, then decided to walk to the monument. Oy! For our first travel day, we ended up with 15,064 steps, more than 7 miles! Does that count as 2 exercises? I think so! +6 exercise days to go!

Day 45 - Sunday 6/12/11: Trekked around DC and Virginia, took the train and some busses - got to see the Dulles Air & Space Museum, which is huge! Walked around Chinatown a bit as well. Ended the day with 14,570 steps.

Day 46 - Monday 6/13/11: This was CRAZY day. Three of us woke up early to grab a bus from DC to NYC - walked ALL OVER town, I mean, we were in Little Italy, Bronxville, Central Park, Times Square, and Penn Station. Took the bus back to DC - arrived at 6am then subway'd home. 31, 327 steps once the alarm was set. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Day 47 - Tuesday 6/14/11: Woke up around noon, decided to take it easy today, see the other Air and Space Museum, then walk to the Lincoln Memorial. The Reflecting Pool was undergoing renovations - aw! Then tripped back to Union Station and ate dinner, by the time it was all said and done, 19,892 steps for the day.

Day 48 - Wednesday, 6/15/11: Thought we were gonna take it easy today too. Naw! Hit the Air and Space museum again (yay!) to see a new movie, Rescue 3D, then hit up the Contemporary Art Museum, zipped over to the Botanical Gardens, walked in front of the Capitol, stepped into the National Gallery of Art, then walked into the Holocaust Museum. Then we moved hotels to Crystal City - when that was all over, 23,050 steps had to be recorded.

Day 49 - Thursday, 6/16/2011 - can we take it easy today? Nope! 18,447 steps for the first day of the conference. Yikes!

Day 50 - Friday, 6/17/2011 - Finally! An easy day. Spent most of the day sitting in workshops, so my walking total ended up down around 6,900 or so. However, when I count the number of steps I've taken since Monday.... I have 99,669 steps in just 5 days!

Day 51 - Saturday, 6/18/2011 - The last full day in DC! Total of 10,699 steps for the day!

Day 52 - Sunday, 6/19/2011 - Homeward bound! Was totally trapped on an airplane and was soooo tired once I got home! No exercise, but definitely plan to keep up the walking if I can!

So, after 6 full days of walking (more than 60 miles on the entire trip!), I did have two days where I didn't get much exercising in. So I'm back to +8 extra days! Gotta tackle 'em!

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