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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Days 38 through 43

I'm gonna summarize each day and how I did:

Day 38 - Sunday 6/5/11: Yoga, and I also walked 10,689 steps.
Day 39 - Monday 6/6/11: No exercise - got slammed at work, only 5,085 steps. Back to +8 exercises.
Day 40 - Tuesday 6/7/11: Hit the gym, got an hour of muscling up in.
Day 41 - Wednesday, 6/8/11: VOLLEYBALL!!!! Yay! I was expecting to play a doubleheader, but got cut after the 1st game, so went home and did some more stretching. Two hours of exercise! Sweet! +7 exercises.
Day 42 - Thursday 6/9/11: Crammed in 45 minutes at the gym, so a full session, but didn't get my abs worked out. Grrr.
Day 43 - Friday, 6/10/11: Crammed another 45 mins at the gym, had to run for a dinner at 7, so am stuck on a week's worth of extra exercises halfway through the program!

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