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Monday, July 18, 2011

Days 74-80

Day 74- Monday 7/11 - Oh no it's Monday again! Ended up working really late and was unable to get any workout time in, ended up walking a pittance too. Argh! +12 exercises with 16 days left!

Day 75- Tuesday 7/12 - Ran to the gym after work but was pressed for time, I had to get to an early HLAA meeting for dinner! Did 30 minutes of chest, pullups, arms and abs, then cleaned up and had some Mi Ranchito goodness with the gang! Brain and brawn food! ;-)

Day 76- Wednesday 7/13 - Doubled up volleyball - that counts as two workouts! Woot! Down to +11!

Day 77- Thursday 7/14 - Gymnastics class #2 with Kel - fun! Focused on improving my cartwheels so that I could face one way then face 180 degrees from where I started - haven't quite got them down yet, but next week I will!

Day 78- Friday 7/15 - Did some back and biceps and abs for about 30 minutes. Still need to get up to a full hour for a real workout!

Day 79- Saturday 7/16 - Took a long walk between dinner and frozen yogurt dessert! That was fun, discovering a hidden middle school that I never realized existed in my neighborhood....

Day 80- Sunday 7/17 - Yogaaaaa Sunday! It was nice to get in some vinyasas and moving asanas... then some streeeeeetching! Headed out to a pool party then watching some USA women's soccer at the World Cup! Go USA! So close this time, girls!

So, day 80, my goodness it's close to reward time! I can't wait to catch up on my +11 exercises as soon as I can so I can complete my goal of 90 days of exercising since May!

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