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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Days 81-87

Day 81- Monday 7/18 - What a Monday! My house is being worked on by the roofers.... been waiting since April to get my overhead fixed. Finally! Worked out at the gym, did chest, back, arms, shoulders and abs....

Day 82- Tuesday 7/19 - *grumble* My roof was supposed to be finished today... guess what? They aren't... and it's a bit hard to get outside and do some final trimming of my bushes and go for a walk when nails are strewn about and things could fall on you any minute. Where'd I leave my hard hat? I did about 30 minutes of Kenpo inside before focusing on other things for the day...

Day 83- Wednesday 7/20 - Doubled up volleyball for the 3rd time in a row - that counts as two workouts! Woot! Down to +10!

Day 84- Thursday 7/21 - Gymnastics class #3 with Kel - improving! I want to try some of those free running/parkour skills.....

Day 85- Friday 7/22 - Headed out early and visited someone recovering from surgery! When I got home I did some stretching to be ready for my run!

Day 86- Saturday 7/23 - Jingle in July run! Whoa it's HOT out! Wanted to double up, but that run wore me out! Onto the HearLife Expo!

Day 87- Sunday 7/24 - Yogaaaaa Sunday! Got up early to knock that out of the park!

So, day 87, and +10 exercises to go! I'm not gonna be able to fit 10 in the next couple of days, so I guess it's... OVERTIME!

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