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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kinda jumping off my exercise blog for a minute....

I've been meaning to write for a bit now, things have been hectic around my career and personal life lately. However, I've got like 5 minutes to put things down on electronic paper, as it were, and get some thoughts out.

I've really got to manage my time better. I have so many things piled up that I'm forgetting to do things like call for doctor's appointments and fix my car. Stuff that you let go long enough, and something will break... and then everything comes to a screeching halt until it gets fixed. Man, I hate it when that happens.

So right now, I've got to take care of a car thing before I can head out on a long trip and earn my SCUBA PADI certification. When the heck am I gonna find time to be without my car for a few days? Never! Seriously, it's like 2 days without my car is unfathomable with all the activities I do. On one hand, I hope some day it settles down, and on the other, I'd rather be busy than bored, so.....

Now if only I could catch up on the 150+ pending items I have in my to-do worklist.... one thing at a time!

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