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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 67 through 73

Day 67 - Monday 7/4 - Still recovering from the new workouts from last week, ended up hiking for an hour looking for geocaches! More fireworks fun too!
Day 68 - Tuesday 7/5 - Started doing some back and biceps then felt sore still, decided not to push my luck just yet. *grumble* Mannnnn!

Day 69 - Wednesday 7/6 - Doubled up volleyball - two workouts!

Day 70 - Thursday 7/7 - Gymnastics class with Kel - fun! A new way to exercise and practice my balancing and flipping out. Will I soon be a ninja? ;-)

Day 71 - Friday 7/8 - No workout, but a looooooong drive down to Arkansas to finish my SCUBA training!

Day 72 - Saturday 7/9 - SCUBA swimming and training from 8:30am to 1:30pm with the occasional break and lunch, about 3 hours all together. I consider that 3 workouts right there!

Day 73 - Sunday 7/10 - Another hour of SCUBA swimming and training - woot! Diving sure can wear ya out! Back home in the evening to start the work week fresh!

So, day 73, and I've got 7 workouts in this week... no progress towards getting my workouts down! Still on +11 exercises to go!

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