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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HLAA KC-STL chapter meeting

I'm raring for tomorrow to come - why? Because after the close of business, my KC HLAA Chapter will meet with Mary Stodden from the St. Louis HLAA Chapter to kind of put our heads together and make the KC chapter a kick-ass place to be.

Mary's been a great supporter and cheerleader. She's passionate about HLAA - back when it was SHHH and I was living in St. Louis, I had the opportunity to speak at her chapter and there truly a great bunch of people that I got to meet there. So I'm stoked that we may be able to tap into her advice and mentoring to get us up to where we want to be.

I wish we did this sooner - I think a lot of the problems we've faced would have been eliminated with someone who knows what they're doing advising us.

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