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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The quest continues....

Eh, what a week. After surviving the Dig for a Cure charity volleyball tournament last week (, I had to deal with HLAA and other wackiness. On top of that, my mom's coming out, so I've got to make sure my place is up to snuff!

I found an awesome little gadget for "captioning" music - TuneWiki, available on Blackberry, iPhone/iPod Touch (requires OS 3.0 though), Android, and Windows Mobile. It brings up a "karaoke mode" that pulls the lyrics from online and displays them on the screen. Woot!

Their website is, and I've got editorial access to the lyrics - if only I can figure out how to sync 'em with the song, because there seems to be no, well, timing to the lyrics - so how do I sync the words with the music?! I've put in a few suggestions to the developers. The program is still really rough, but if you like the concept, please do download it, sign up at their
forums, and give them feedback so they can hear what their users want!

KC's Fringe Festival is here! There's like an awesome series of independent works performed all over KC for about a week - music, dance, film, fashion, theatre, even burlesque.... ;-) I've taken in a few shows every year, surveying the local talent, stuff like fighting stunt shows, runaway fashion designs, and graffiti art. This year's lineup doesn't hold anything insanely attractive to me, but I'll keep checking to see if something catches my eye.

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