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Friday, July 31, 2009


Yesterday was soooo cool. There's an exhibit at the Crown Center here in KC that features sculptures of various concepts.... in lego. YES! My kind of art! I trekked up after work and peered around the room with Kel, wondering at the magnitude of a feat that involves creating some 30-odd large sculptures of little squareish blocks.

Some of these pieces were larger than even me - an 8-foot tall pencil, a blue-colored mannequin putting a "broken arm" back together again (rebuilding would probably be a better phrase - think Humpty Dumpty), a person reaching for a mirror/through a portal.

These pieces looked fragile, and I wondered how much they weigh
ed. I even made the comment to Kel that these pieces HAD to be hollow - it'd just be so
much work and weight if they were solid. I think
I lost that bet - a green mannequin that was depicted as "taking off its own head" had a solid underside where the head was removed from the body. I have various pictures of the exhibit:

The artist is Nathan Sawaya.

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