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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster's is like one of the most fun places on earth. Totally.

Last night, my entourage hit up a restaurant to watch the KU men's basketball season opener. To be honest, I didn't watch the game much, spent most of the time chatting with my buddy Vic. Truly, it's nice to have a friend who can completely relate to the finer points of computer geekitude - while I couldn't immediately place the language SCHEME, I was familiar with LISP and we detailed some of the finer points of computing...

But the real fun didn't begin (yes, geek talk is fun!) until we took off to catch one of my CSUN friends who was in town for another KU sport, the Saturday college football game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. She's a Nebraska fan. I'm surprised my cadre didn't... dispatch her on the spot. ;-) We can be a pretty rabid group of fans (except when I'm supporting UCLA.... oops I said it!). But games can bring everyone together, and so my group of deaf people got to game on!

That makes me think a bit. Am I hanging out with people like me too often? Am I getting enough diversity in my life? Kel sometimes talks about how she feels she isn't getting enough exposure to hearing people, situations where she has to lipread, stuff like that. I get plenty of exposure to hearing people in professional situations - but is that enough? It's almost as if I've segregated my hearing and deaf lives neatly into business and pleasure. Quite so, actually. The businesses I deal with, the companies I call, the management in my company, all pretty much are not in the deaf culture, and are maybe mainly exposed to it through me. Even though I'm not culturally deaf I do carry around the ability to interact with those who are deaf...

I'll have to meditate on that further. Now I'm off to a baby shower! Well, the kind where the guys get to goof off together shower... need to plot some excitement for tonight! :-D

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