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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Looking for hearing loss stem cell evidence

What proof is there that stem cell treatment for hearing loss will work for everyone?

Where's the peer reviewed journals? Where are the clinical studies with control groups? Where are the observations on the "placebo effect" and real treatment results?

There's a fair amount of hype going around about an U of A student who was supposedly treated over the summer in South Korea for some kind of auto-immune hearing loss. A single press release was put out over PRNewswire, a infomercial-style video interview of the patient and parents, and a slick website for the company are the only publications out there.

A number of people have rabidly latched onto these morsels of information and are lining up to get treated. Makes me think of the whole "I'd rather be dead than deaf" survey that was going around.

Maybe some people feel that way. Their life is on hold, nothing can happen, no success will be had, until that cure is found. I used to think that for myself too. Until I realized that hearing loss isn't the end of the world. There are tons of avenues open, opportunities available, doorways to success that I can enter. I am unique and stand out, and I can use it to shape my life however I want.

My life isn't going to stop until I get treated. So I feel bad seeing all those people who, day in and day out, obsess over their hearing loss. One tiny thing consumes your life, just makes the rest of it all seem so... hollow.

For those who will stop at nothing to get treated - I came across this article which was a fascinating read on just how far companies that are defrauding others will go:,1,1036275.story

Ask yourself - what proof is there that this stem cell treatment is the real thing?

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