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Monday, November 9, 2009

The holidays

The holidays used to be a time of dread for me. Man, oh, man, did I hate having to shop and travel and deal with snow and cold and darkness and.... let's just say I used to have a greater appreciation for the Nov-Dec timeframe when I didn't have to deal with those things.

Ever since I moved to Kansas City, I've been spending my Thanksgiving with friends who are kind enough to make a spot on the table for me. One year was with a deaf family and friends, and the next was a group of hearing people. I did enjoy both meals, but I had a much more interesting time with the deaf family - I was more involved in the chatter, aware of what was going on, having a blast and feeling like I belonged. Not that I didn't appreciate the other family's effort and they adored having me there - I just never had that full-on, involved in everything family thing. Made me realize that's something I want in my future, for my family.

In about two weeks I'll be hosting a big turkey roast at my place, turning my home into a crazy restaurant of flying fingers and food fights. At least at this one I'll be armed with the 20lb fowl! Twenty people are expected to show up - the size of which I've never hosted a meal for. Thank gawd Kel really wants to lend a hand and help out - you rock!

Looking back, I've really never been much included with my family at events. Most of the they'd want to include me but I'd never know what was going on. When I first started having my deaf fraternity celebrations of things like holiday exchanges and spring break in Vegas, that's when I knew how much I was missing out. So I'm looking forward to turkey sunday and being included!

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