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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's getting colder and colder, and that means one thing to me - long pajamas!

Yeah, why the heck am I talking about long pajamas? Because every time I put a pair on, it actually makes me think of my cochlear implant.

Yes, I'm serious. I closely associate my CI with pajamas. I never wore anything like a long pair of flannel pants until I got implanted. Growing up in balmy Southern California, there was no need for wearing anything resembling pants to bed, and so I grew up not even knowing what they were, or even why those characters I see on TV wear them so often. Y'know, like the kind you see on the dad in the TV sitcom when he's walking around in his PJs and robe. Example:

I always kept thinking, "Who in the world wears stuff like that?! Those prudes!" Due to the comedy shows I watched, I actually came to the conclusion that people wore that stuff only so that if they get locked out of the house fetching the newspaper, that we locked out looking somewhat decent...

Well, when I had my CI surgery, I was not permitted to wear pullover shirts or sweaters post-surgery. Apparently your melon swells up and it's not good to have to force yourself into those kind of clothes. So, my mom, who was taking care of me, got me my first real pair of button up flannel pajamas, and.... it's been my kind of "CI wear" ever since.

I still haven't added in the wearing a robe and slippers yet, though. ;-)

It snowed for the first time this season last night. Normally the snow happens right around Thanksgiving, so it's right on time this year. Too cold for my blood! I was really enjoying this past summer, so I hope warm weather comes around soon!

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