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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting back on track

Sometimes I feel like everything's been squeeeeeeeezed into such a short period of time. This past week has definitely felt that way, both for personal and for my professional life. There was an article I read on Sunday (the "fall back" day for us Americans who choose to set their clocks back to get more sun in the morning than after 5pm) where we seem to give up more and more of our lives to cramming everything in, using every nanosecond of our life for something, anything. It's like we've become slaves to our mobile phones, our electronic calendars, our emails, our instant messengers. We wait for the next message to affect our lives - one second, I gotta take this.

... done. Where was I? Oh, yeah. That message can come any time, and we even interrupt our in-person activities to rush and read that message. When I was playing flag football recently, I was listening to someone tell a story and then I got distracted by someone else asking me a question. The person telling me a story got extremely irate, like I was disrespecting them on purpose. But you can get away with that behavior on the phone or computer - how does the other person know you're being interrupted by someone else, or if you're just distracted, or busy?

So does online behavior make one more patient? Or less? Did anyone read the rest of my blog after I took a short break? Is anyone reading this? Bueller? Bueller?

Ooops, there's the horn... off to worky work! Half day yay! Gonna go see Paramore!

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