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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hot cocoa!

It's definitely hot chocolate weather outside.
I'm one of those oddballs in my choice of drinks. Everyone in the office goes for coffee. Me? Hot cocoa. Heck, I bring in my own mix and hot water jug so I can refill at my desk. How's that for productivity?!

I guess the same goes for my other beverage habits. Most of my friends are beer and wine aficinados. Not me, I can't really stand either. I'd rather have a soft drink or something that can get set on fire. ;-)

I was talking with one of my old volleyball teammates last night when the new league season started up. She was going on and on and on about her recent Hawaii trip. It's definitely one of those places I miss now that winter's getting near, during the times when it's getting dark as I'm leaving the office at 5pm. Almost makes me want to move down south, closer to where the waves and sand are. I worry that I might be one of those snowbirds as I get older, migrating south for the winter. ;-)

Then again, I wouldn't have any excuse to drink yummy hot chocolate if I did!

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