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Friday, September 18, 2009

Flag football

With summer winding down (it's not over until the Autumnal Equinox!) it's time to put aside the sandals and slip on some sweatpants. The daystar is waning - lights up at 7, lights down at 7... nooooo! Pretty soon I'll be cooped up all day at the office with no sunlight for weeks, not looking forward to it.

In the meantime, I've been categorizing things I'll be doing this winter to stave off cabin fever. A list I've generated thus far:

1) Sunlamp
2) Gymnastics late on Monday nights

wait, no, I need to re-order my list.

3) Gymnastics late on Monday nights
4) X Factory/Gym
5) Guitar Hero
6) Sunlamp
7) DDR
8) Trip to Las Vegas or L.A.
9) Snowboarding trip to Colorado
10) Milk runs on Snow Creek
11) Sunlamp
12) Hot cocoa
13) Studying Japanese
14) Planning my trip to Japan
15a) Skydiving
15b) .....or bungee jumping....
15c) ....or both!
16) Blogblogblog
17) Partypartyparty

One item that's definitely not my winter sport but will be keeping me out of the house is Flag Football! I've played some football growing up, kind of hard to avoid it when you end up going to a high school that tends to win championships. Never made the team, but still got to play some good ol' flag. Now, coed flag football, I've never done - so this'll be interesting. I tend to sometimes play a little... rough. :-)

Seeya out on the field!

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