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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The ultimate sport

With summer winding down (I go by the summer equinox date of September 22nd as the official end of summer, as opposed to some people thinking otherwise! ;-) ) and football season starting up, I look for ways to stay active and outdoors to stave off the impending cabin fever that goes with winter. Actually, the biggest reason I dislike winter is because most of the time during the week, I work from sundown to sundown - I get to work when it's still dark, eat lunch at my desk, then leave the office with the glow of the streetlamps still. Ugh. I keep promising myself to do this every year but this year I WILL get a sunlamp and use it to stave off those winter blues.

Not to say that winter's all that bad - I do like playing in a snow a bit, it's always fun to find a empty parking lot with fresh snow and spin out doing donuts, throwing powder everywhere. I can get a fire going in the living room to make it nice and cozy. I'm looking forward to trying out snowboarding this season! Me and balancing on boards doesn't seem like the best combination of things, but hey, stranger things have happened! :-)

In the meantime, while the weather's reasonable, there's still a lot to be done. Hitting up a corn maze is on my must-do list - galavanting through miles-long 10 feet high cornrows is a daunting task that relish, challenging myself to get all the checkpoints within the maze. At first, when I played, I tried to stick to the maze they made. But then it was like "well, that other checkpoint is right there, let's just sneak over there and get it!" Then it was on - just get 'em all as fast as we can!

The one game I don't think I've played since I left Cali-burning is Ultimate Frisbee.

There was talk a few days ago about forming our own soccer team. I have no love for soccer, but I do like playing goalie so I can do that. I just like using my hands - which is totally what Ultimate lets you do! We just need a huge space and a big enough group, and it would totally own. Passing the disc from teammate to teammate, with the opposing team trying to swat it down or intercept it, running all over to get open and collect the pass - definitely a sport to make you sweat it out! There were times when I would play in college after an all-nighter out with the fraternity - that was crazy, because I would just lose the whole Sunday after 1pm from pure exhaustion.

So, yes! Time to set up an Ultimate day!

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