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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sleeping patterns

Sleep is important. Sometimes I take sleep for granted - I usually can fall asleep nearly anywhere, anytime, in just about any lighting conditions, and get at least 5-6 hours solid. I grew up with a dimmer switch on my bedroom lights and for the longest time never slept with the lights off, so I got used to still being able to sleep in semi-light. I was always able to get enough sleep to last me all day - it wasn't until my senior year of high school when I actually DID start falling asleep in my first class of the day, and understood how/why others could do the same. I used to make fun of those kids, the ones the teachers kept punishing for being sprawled out on their desks snoring by mid-morning, but it really drove home to me that sleep is essential.

This morning, I was looking up How to be a Morning Person - it features a lot of stuff that I do use to make sure I get outta bed and into work at a decent hour. Admittedly, in college, I always used to get into work late - 15-30 minutes late, even though I used to live literally right next to campus. I'm not kidding, across the street from my apartment was a parking lot to the school! And still, for several months after living there, I was consistently getting logged in late after my jaunt across campus. Then my boss instituted mandatory 8:15am in the morning meetings.... yeahhhh I definitely did everything I could to make those!

However, I'm also still a bit of a night owl - crashing after midnight, talking to my buds on the left coast, and rapporting with my fellow Xers right before the exhaustion catches up with us. It's hard to socialize during the day - I'm stuck on documents and conference calls and problem solving, so I tend to minimize my "hey how are you" notes when I'm on the clock. A number of my friends have clocks that don't conform to 8-5 schedules, which I admittedly am sometimes jealous of :-p. At least I can know that when 5pm rolls around, if I've gotten everything done I can go home and not worry about things until tomorrow.

In any case, I've just woken up and I'm still a bit sleepy. Time to shower and wash away those brain cobwebs!

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