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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sometimes I come up with the weirdest goals. But for the longest time, I've always wanted to be able to stand on my hands. But when you have the hardest time balancing even on your own two feet, you'd think inverting might just be pushing it. ;-)

However, I've been reading up on just how to do a handstand. Seems simple enough. Of course, by this time next week, I'll probably wind up in the hospital with a subdural hematoma (link not for the squeamish) from doing more of a faceplant....

I'm gonna be able to do this by the end of the year, no doubt!

A follow up to my last post - I came across this article on a blogsite somewhere, but it bears sharing some more - it's been reported that 76 athletes with hearing loss competed in NCAA and NAIA, with about half in Division 1 sports. That's great!

Off to see some NHL hockey tonight - LA Kings vs NY Islanders in the Sprint Center. It's not the Mighty Ducks, but it is an L.A. team, so I gotsa represent!

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