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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paramore concert

Naaa-naa-na-naaaaa! Discovering new music is one major joy that just happens spotaneously for me. Listening to internet radio, reading what's good in Rolling Stone magazine, or even just checking out a friend's playlist really nets me some great results. So, last year, Seth emailed me out of the blue and was like, "Check out Paramore!" Apparently he had been playing some Guitar Hero (yeahhhhhh!) and played, I think, the song "Misery Business" and it sounded so superb that he had to go and get their two albums, "All We Know Is Falling" and "Riot!"

I liked their sound too - alternative rock with some heavy guitar riffs and some thumpin' drums. You know someone really likes a band when they create a playlist of just that band's top songs ;-) So you can tell I'm definitely stoked when just yesterday I find out they're set to hit town on 10/6 at the Uptown Theater. Yesssss!

One reason I'm thrilled is because I've always had a good experience at Uptown - seems to be a well organized place, good sound, and free parking. Can't beat free parking! And I shoudn't forget to mention that the club has been excellent about providing sign language interpreters upon request - phenomenal job, actually, and I hope that this time will go just as smoothly!

They'll be showcasing their new album "brand new eyes." Now I have to actually listen to their newest single to see if it's any good...

Off for lunch!

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